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Sunday Events

September 6, 2020 @ 9:00 am - 11:30 pm


Virtual Life Cube 3D

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09 AM
Harriet Schreger

Explore a mystical approach to well being. Harriet Schreger has been a student of Katonah Yoga for 20 years and has been teaching the method since 2003, activating compassion, humor, and strength to help her students use yoga to fortify their own lives. Thoroughly grounded in a school of yoga created by Nevine Michaan, who is one of the world’s master teachers, having taught 100s of yoga instructors and practitioners from around the world the magic of Katonah Yoga at their studio Bedford Hills N.Y. @hschreger www.katonahyoga.com

12 PM
Agape International Choir Service led by Dr. Michael Beckwith
The Agape International Choir is a dynamic collection of over 200 individuals who are of service to the high vibration of Unconditional Love. When these voices join together, something positively breathtaking occurs, bringing transformation and true joy to the planet. Under the beautiful direction of Marianne Lewis, The Agape International Choir raises the roof and helps to raise consciousness wherever they go. The choir sings on the last Sunday of every month at their spiritual home, the Agape International Center. Today’s spiritual trans-denominational service will be led by Dr. Michael Beckwith. The Agape Choir has been honored to perform in venues such as the 2008 Democratic National Convention and Inauguration in Washington DC., at Lincoln Center, the United Nations, The Hollywood Bowl, Greek Theatre, John Anson Ford Theatre and The Getty Museum. @agapespiritualcenter https://agapelive.com/pages/agape-international-choir

1 PM
Ze Modern Monk BreathWork
Ze Modern Monk will “unleash your breath, spark creativity & aliveness”. www.zemodernmonk.com @zemodernmonk

2 PM
Sound Healing & Live Chanting (with instruments from all around the world)

The Vijnamaya Kosha is linked to the right side of our brain, our parasympathetic nervous system, that part of your mind that could remain aware of the thoughts, without getting caught up in them. It is the part of the mind we aim to activate in yogic practices like meditation. It is the part of your brain that watches, almost as if from an outside window looking in: “Why did I act or react this way? Why did I say that right then? Why do I still let it get to me this much?”. This part of your mind sees you not as separated, but connected to the entire universe and everything in it. It is the part of the brain which is genius, creative and all-loving. The deepest layer, is the most exciting layer yet, it is the layer of bliss, of unity, of the soul. Anandamaya Kosha is when everything merges. All the layers become one and you too becomeone with the cosmic consciousness. Perhaps a hard notion to grasp, but when you “do the work” of yoga (for centuries), dive in through and beyond all of these layers, you can reach the seed of it all. Your Soul, your higher-Self, the pure light inside of you. You, as a part of the cosmic breath. @UVYBoogie https://youtu.be/bgxtKLgKkyg

5 PM
Surprise Session: Scott Cohen/skeeter
DreamScape Yoga

Yoga teacher with fabulous energy and over fifteen years of a strong yoga practice wants to share my practice and help students experience the magic of yoga. Committed to providing a safe environment for learning alignment modifications, and asanas. Favorite way to discuss yoga with people who indicate they don’t practice yoga because they don’t think they’re flexible enough is: ‘Do you expect to get more flexible as you get older?’ Inspired by years learning from Nevine Michaan and her unique approach, focusing on alignment and an insightful combination of yoga, pranayama, spirituality, and magic @KatonahYoga. Scott is also the artist and founder of @LifeCubeProject.

6 PM
Allison Waguespack
Yoga and Mindfulness

Allison Waguespack, Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher, Retreat Leader and Writer for the last 16 years, will lead you through a practice that will nourish your physical body and spirit using challenging and creative vinyasa sequences paired with real-life inspiration. Her training began in San Francisco studying under Larry Shultz, the renowned Ashtanga teacher for the Grateful Dead. As she studied with other teachers including Shiva Rea and Seane Corn she began to find her own unique voice and style. She also completed a year-long Anatomy Training program with Jason Ray Brown and is currently studying under Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield to further expand her Buddhist psychology mindfulness training. Along with public classes and local workshops, Allison leads her Prana & Power Retreats in exotic locations around the world. In addition she developed and teaches a Yoga for Actors curriculum for Michael Howard Studios, The Professional Acting Studio for Theatre, Film, and Television in Manhattan. She continues to study, practice and teach daily and is eternally grateful to all of her wonderful teachers, especially her two biggest teachers, her children. She resides with them, her husband and their two dogs in New York. @allisonwagyoga

8:30 PM (3 hrs)
Guy La LIberte & The Frog Collective: Froggy Dreams
Nomadic storyteller, community gatherer and global DJ Guy Laliberte spins three hours of original beats and global tribe favorites…. DJ, music maker and member of the Frog Collective 🐸 Who doesn’t love frogs and toads? Founder of Cirque du Soleil, One Drop Foundation and Lune Rouge. @guylalibertedj, @thefrogcollective, @lunerouge_creative, #guylaliberte, #frogcollective, #burningman, #brcvr, #lunerouge, youtube & soundcloud/guylalibertedj