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Saturday Events

September 5, 2020 @ 12:30 pm - 11:30 pm


Virtual Life Cube on the Playa at Burning Man 2020

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12:30 PM
Susana MacDonald – Yoga
Susana started on the path 20 years ago. Her first introduction to yoga was a Bikram Yoga class and fell in love immediately with the practice. Her path took her to get her first certification in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in Hot Yoga Flow in 2003. She has also studied under Yogi Nasser, in Petra Yoga. Her love for the practice took Susana to different cities and study with various teachers in different styles including Edward Clark, and Bryan Kest. In 2012 Susana moved to Playa del Carmen Mexico and started practicing under the tutelage of Michael Gannon at Yogaloft when the school opened. She is a certified GPVY (Gannon Power Vinyasa) and GAVY (Gannon Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga) Certified Instructor.

2 PM
Dream Rockwell – The Power of ‘Wow’!
Visionary Social Engineer. Awarded female public speaker, celebrated entrepreneur, successful biohacker, maverick. A creative entrepreneur and novelty pioneer within the immersive experience space, Dream Rockwell has influenced event culture, art and music for over fifteen years. Pioneering the mostly male-dominated music industry with talent and grace, Rockwell co-founded the famous DoLab, followed shortly by California music and art festival, Lightning in a Bottle. She has directed rock tours including Mötley Crüe and Panic! at the Disco. However, Rockwell is most recognized as the brainchild of world-class modern cirque performance troupe Lucent Dossier Experience. A name recognized worldwide for it’s years of sold out events and tours. Lucent Events & Entertainment, the for-hire branch of the collective, produces entertainment for an ever expanding client roster compiled of A-List celebrities and Fortune 500 companies for which she has travelled to exotic locations worldwide. The philanthropic ventures for Rockwell started with the co-creation of Cuddle The World, an organization dedicated to bringing fun, music, learning toys, teddy bears and cuddle blankets to institutionalized kids worldwide. As a result, the adoption of her son added the title of mother to her expansive list of important roles. A natural storyteller, Rockwell’s unique ability to combine healing modalities with entertainment inspires others to live up to their full potential. https://www.instagram.com/dreamrockwe

3 PM
Florencia Bollini with Maria Cina – Psychedelic Medicines to Manifest Dreams
Healing Arts & Strategies: I’m dedicated to developing and scaling groundbreaking initiatives that unleash human potential. My passion is fostering sustainable living and healing methods through creative business models and strategies that effectively and equally serve people, profit, and planetary objectives. As a strategist and entrepreneur, I’ve been working for nearly two decades to pioneer innovative approaches that reframe conventional models across five continents.Bridging some of the most powerful spiritual technologies and creative entrepreneurs within the field of Transformative Medicine. Delivering innovative solutions and treatments that combine ancient and cutting edge healing experiences. @florbollini Interviewed by Maria Cina: CreateHer founder, community builder and change advocate..

4 PM
Agape International Choir
The Agape International Choir is a dynamic collection of over 200 individuals who are of service to the high vibration of Unconditional Love. When these voices join together, something positively breathtaking occurs, bringing transformation and true joy to the planet. Under the beautiful direction of Marianne Lewis, The Agape International Choir raises the roof and helps to raise consciousness wherever they go. The choir sings on the last Sunday of every month at their spiritual home, the Agape International Center.  The Agape Choir has been honored to perform in venues such as the 2008 Democratic National Convention and Inauguration in Washington DC., at Lincoln Center, the United Nations, The Hollywood Bowl, Greek Theatre, John Anson Ford Theatre and The Getty Museum. @agapespiritualcenter https://agapelive.com/pages/agape-international-choir

6:45 PM
Litana – Visual Artist
Litana is a self taught intuitive visual artist that creates in different mediums such as acrylic, oil, digital and video art. She feels that creating art in different mediums contributes to her evolution in art and in evolving as a human being and opening a space for others to evolve. “The art I create is open awaken a magical space within the viewer. She can be reached via instagram @litanavisionary or Facebook at Litana Visual Artist. Short video presentation! @litanavisionary

7 PM
Janet Stone – Yoga
Janet Stone’s studentship began at 17 under the meditation teachings of Prem Rawat. His reverence for simplicity and finding joy in the rise and fall of life live on in her practice and teaching today. She shares from the alchemy of her own sadhana through bhakti yoga and the eight-limbed path. https://janetstoneyoga.com @janetstoneyoga

8:30 PM (3 hrs)
Guy La LIberte & The Frog Collective: Froggy Dreams
Nomadic storyteller, community gatherer and global DJ Guy Laliberte spins three hours of original beats and global tribe favorites…. DJ, music maker and member of the Frog Collective 🐸 Who doesn’t love frogs and toads? Founder of Cirque du Soleil, One Drop Foundation and Lune Rouge. @guylalibertedj, @thefrogcollective, @lunerouge_creative, #guylaliberte, #frogcollective, #burningman, #brcvr, #lunerouge, youtube & soundcloud/guylalibertedj


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