What They’re Saying

Life Cube for Miami Beach (Rendering) 2019

Life Cube Las Vegas – Night Drone Image by Freeman White

Selected Community Impact Statements

We would like to thank you and the whole Life Cube team for all of your hard work and dedication to Chalk the Block [Arts Festival] this year. It was such a pleasure with working with all of the team, such an amazing team. This year’s festival had a tremendous impact in the community and Life Cube played a huge role in that impact. We hope to be able to partner with the Life Cube team in the future!
Ismael A. Acosta, Museums and Cultural Affairs Department, El Paso, TX

I don’t want to let this week pass without also adding a few words to express my deepest thanks and appreciation for the magic that you brought to campus last week. I loved being a part of the magic and particularly enjoyed watching students approach the [Life Cube] with a sense of awe and wonder, adventure, curiosity and exploration as they engaged with each other artistically. The conversations around the cube/because of the Cube were incredible. Throughout the week, the Cube was a visual reminder of what a community at its best can/should be–a place to feed the imagination as authentic selves who are beautiful in their individuality, but stronger as a collective. Thank you for sharing your vision and reminding us of who we are!
Antoinette Quarshie, Riverdale Country School, Bronx, NY

From the very beginning, one could see the magic the Life Cube was bringing to the community of Yerington… With art being limited in rural communities, it was amazing seeing the passion that the kids had for this project. (ES) It was amazing to see the community come together to create such an inspirational piece of artwork. (CH)
Emily Stapleton & Christina Hurt, Boys & Girls Club of Mason Valley, Yerington, NV

When I saw the Life Cube two years ago, I saw how much it brought the community together and built it into something amazing. Nothing I had seen up to that point had united the community (all aspects of it) that effectively. Part of Zappos’ mission is to be the most community focused company in the world, so I felt bringing the Life Cube back as a gift to our community was a perfect fit. It’s a fine line we have to toe between branding and authenticity. At the end of the day we have jobs because Zappos sells product on line, but we desire to be much more than that. Part of our ‘Brand Aura’ vision is to do some things that don’t have a direct tie-back to selling products, and your project was one of the ones we chose. Thanks for all you have done for this community.
Tyler Williams, Zappos, Las Vegas, NV

All of us at Sierra Arts have been very happy to collaborate with Scott and the schools he was able to visit. The Life Cube Project is valuable in so many aspects, and having it come to Reno is a delight. One of my favorite things about living here is the sense of community. That is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, but I have never lived in a city with such a strong sense of self. This is most evident in the burgeoning arts and culture scene. There is such dynamic energy in what we are building towards, and the Life Cube fits in perfectly.
Eric Brooks, Sierra Arts Foundation, Reno, NV