Note from a fan of The Life Cube

In the midst of a crazy busy day after returning from Burning Man, I received the following from Lori, one of the many TLC supporters who helped put it together.   She identified strongly with the concept, and passionately embraced its ramifications in all the creative ways suggested in her note below.  It’s so gratifying to see how The Life Cube resonated with people – both before and during the week at Burning Man, and with those who wrote wishes and sent ideas and support even if they couldn’t travel to Black Rock City this year.

RE:  Alert to skeeter bid for the temple 2013 

cube on crack!  lets build the temple of wishes and dreams  i’m serious skeeter i got goose bumps  the temple was successfully built  by mostly volunteers  in 2011 This was the best    let’s take the life cube  out of its own box   and bid for the temple of wishes and dreams!!!!!!!!!   l’chaim –  to life!  let us not mourn the dead   but celebrate what they gave us…   life   as the world belongs to the living   the cube has evolved to a playa-wide project where during the week they will add their wishes and dreams….  and send them up to the ether   meanwhile during the week we celebrate life  in all its aspects  and aspirations   sing     dance    rejoice  celebrate  …. create  our futures   be joyful in what we behold…. the indomitable unfolding spirit   all kinds of inspirational sayings and art will abound   we will get donations from artists from all over to add to it     are you in?????
let it be   a gigantic box    with four triangles  which form a lid   over the top  which will open progressively over the week finally open upon the burn nite   as it burns  a phoenix is revealed popping out of the top   covered with lights and fireworks  lifting its head and spreading its wings  in its beak  a sign            “wish it so ”                 in the ashes will be found small ceramic plaques               with an imprint of  wish it so       temple of wishes and dreams   2013     are you in?



My response:

Thanks Lori!  I’m still flying high somewhere past Cloud 9, and trying desperately to function and do what I need to in the “real world” when your email came.  You’re the best!  I love your enthusiasm and ideas.  Please give me some time to get back to Earth, do a debrief with the powers at Burning Man and just take a deep breath.  The chance to work with everyone on The Life Cube V2 was an over the top experience as an artist.  I’m so grateful to have friends and angels who helped make my dream a reality.  A huge thanks to everyone at Titicaca for their support and love and work and donated materials and time and tools and ….

And let me not forget to say a huge mega-thanks to Gordy for organizing and cajoling and putting together the most awesome team of people to work with.

More to come.

Love, skeeter

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