LIFE IS GOOD!  We were able to secure a flat bed truck from a local dealer today.  This makes Gordy very happy.  It will be so much easier to bring the pre-assembled panels out to the playa now.  In addition, I am juggling the Early Admin passes.  It has been a bit of a challenge, but in the end, everything will work out just fine.  Yesterday I was able to get through most of the stuff on my list – still a few things to do/get…but what’s the worry — we do not leave ’til sunrise on Sunday!

Kickstarter has been great to work with.  There is one supporter we have not been able to track down, and I have been going back and forth with their customer service.  Not perfect by any means, but the platform did provide a way for friends and family to make contributions to and connect with the project.

Please Please – If you read this, and you’re not going to Burning Man, send your wishes and I will make sure they get deposited into The Life Cube.

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