The Life Cube Project at Burning Man on Kickstarter Raises $10,000!

Project Update #4: We did it!
Posted by The Life Cube
Friends and supporters of The Life Cube have contributed over $10,000! We have a few more days and welcome any additional funds. Make sure to email your wish, or if private, call or email and we can figure out how to get your wish to me in a way that protects your anonymity. You are all awesome, and I look forward to hearing stories of how your dreams, wishes, goals, and ambitions come true. The Power of the Cube – it works!  All wishes are almost 100% guaranteed to come true in your lifetime.

With huge gratitude, skeeter


One comment on “The Life Cube Project at Burning Man on Kickstarter Raises $10,000!

  1. Good: The Life Cube art project at Burning Man successfully raised over $10,000 and we still have a few days to go.

    Not so Good: The panels that have been built in S. Lake Tahoe are 8 feet by 16 feet and might not fit in the 26 foot truck we rented. Currently looking at renting a flatbed. Also, still waiting on Early Admin passes, and had to tell a few people they can’t come early to help.

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