Life Cube Featured as 1 of 7 Installations You Don’t Want to Miss at Burning Man

Haute Living features the Life Cube Project as one of seven installations you don’t want to miss at Burning Man 2015.


Author Natalie Stoclet describes the Life Cube Project:

When you go to Rome, you will likely visit the Trevi Fountain and throw a penny inside. This is all in hopes of having that one special wish come true. The ‘Life Cube Project’ has recreated this idea through their highly personal artwork. Citizens of Black Rock City are asked to inscribe their wishes, goals and dreams onto message-walls and wish-stick postcards that are then deposited into the ‘cube.’ The structure features a 24 ft. high design equipped with stairs, pillars, mirrors, posts and places for people to climb and hang out. At the end of Burning Man this inspiring artwork is set on fire, sending every wish out in to the universe together. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

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